Stoney Creek Gold Classic


Rules and Scoring
The Rules and Scoring on how to play the Stoney Creek 3 ball Golf Classic are explained under The Competition Format. Any disputes arising from the play in any qualifying round, regional final or the national final will be resolved by the Management of Stoney Creek Golf Pty Ltd. They also reserve the right to disqualify any player or team at their discretion from any Stoney Creek Golf event. Their decision is final.

Players must have a current Australian Handicap and there is for men a maximum of 27 and ladies a maximum of 36 after the slope calculation has been applied. Players MUST have played in a minimum of 5 club competitions AT THEIR HOME CLUB in their last 20 rounds as shown on GOLF Link with a current Australian handicap.

Players playing in a Regional Final or The Final must use their lowest Golf Australia handicap that they are on OR were on near the time of playing in a Qualifying Round, Regional Final or The Final. "Near the time" means the cut off date the match committee reviewed players' handicaps prior to a Regional Final or The Final.

Handicap means your Golf Australia handicap NOT YOUR DAILY HANDICAP which is arrived at by applying the slope rating of the course you are playing on the day.

As an example, if a player had a Golf Australia handicap of 14 in a qualifying round and at the time on playing in a Regional Final their handicap is 17 then they must playoff 14 in the Regional Final and apply the slope rating of the course they are playing the Regional Final at to determine their daily handicap for the Regional Final

Substitute players have their handicaps assessed in the same manner.

Stoney Creek Golf reserves the right to re-handicap any player if for whatever reason it feels that player is not playing in the spirit of thr game.

Payment of Entry Fee
At the time of making a booking to play in a qualifying round or regional final all players have the option to pay their entry fee at this time or pay later. Pay later means a player must pay their entry fee 5 days prior to the date of the competition that they have booked to play in.

There will be no refunding of any entry fee within 5 days of the date of the competition that that player has entered to play in.

Player Substitutions
Teams that have entered for a qualifying round can substitute any player in that team prior to the commencement of play.

Teams that have qualified for a regional final can substitute ONE player prior to the commencement of play. If a second player needs to be substituted it can only be done with the approval of the Management of Stoney Creek Golf Pty Ltd.

If all three players in a team that has qualified for a regional of national final are unavailable to play on the day of play than that team will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

Qualifying Rounds
Qualifying rounds are to be played in groups of 3 (one team) or 6 (two teams).

This format is at the discretion of the golf club hosting the qualifying round.




  • Stan Blackhall, Toronto Club Captain


    The trip was first class all the way, well organised and we were well looked after – nothing was too much trouble, I would most certainly recommend the tour and I am definitely going again next year.

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